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If you’re like most of us, you know the benefits of fish and seafood – however, it can be difficult to get sustainable and wild seafood at your local supermarket without running around to pick up your favorites from a number of seafood or fish shops.

Fresh, wholesome fish a great course of essential vitamins, minerals and omega, it is also low in fat, high in energy and the perfect companion to any health & well being campaign.

Enter the subscription seafood and fish supplier – the holy grail for seafood and fish lovers looking for sustainable, wild seafood that is processed, frozen, packaged, and delivered to your door so you can enjoy all of your favorite sustainable seafood and fish varieties at your fingertips.

As most fish lovers know, sustainably caught, ethically & responsibly sourced fish is of paramount importance not only for the quality of your meal, but the longevity of fish for generations.

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While farmed fish prices at your supermarket may look attractive, the taste and nutritional value is severely compromised. Wild-caught fish is focused on encouraging sustainability and works to support nature and fight overfishing and pollution.

When convenience matters, consider a seafood membership that offers wild-caught, sustainable seafood in ready-to-cook portions direct to your door

As life gets busier, the time available gets shorter; subscription services are taking much of the guesswork and inconvenience out of life. Never again will you come back from work and think ‘we have nothing healthy to eat in the fridge’, it will be delivered to your door on a monthly basis.

Imagine premium quality, clean and protein-rich wild-caught sustainable seafood delivered to your door – allowing for a harmonious balance between nature and healthy eating.

With key species such as Sockeye Salmon, Coho Salmon Alaska Halibut Pacific Cod, Rockfish, Wild Alaska Pollock, Sablefish, Weathervane Scallops and more, your meals will never get boring, they will just taste fresher, be cleaner, and support the hardworking sustainable Alaskan Fisherman who catch them.

Don’t sacrifice quality because you are short a little time. Enjoy premium quality wild-caught, sustainable seafood in ready-to-cook portions, shipped directly to your door every month by fishmongers that care about wild-caught seafood and fish.

How does a sustainable seafood subscription work?

Not much different from your cable TV in reality, seafood membership is a great way to gain access to high-quality, wild-caught and sustainable seafood directly to your doorstep each month.

Simply by joining online or over the phone, members of seafood subscriptions can put down their preferences for the type of fish, the frequency of delivery and any additional extras they may wish – then wait for the premium ready to cook portions to arrive so you can enjoy clean protein of the highest quality that is 100% wild-caught and responsibly sourced.

Sustainable seafood subscriptions are not a new thing; they offer quality online seafood delivery to tens of thousands of households across the US.

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What sort of wild-caught species are available in a subscription?

Each seafood subscription will offer a unique range of offerings, however, if you are looking for sustainable seafood from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, you can expect to have the following varieties available:

– Pacific Salmon including varieties such as Sockeye salmon, Coho Salmon and similar
– Pacific Cod
– Alaska Halibut
– Rockfish
– Wild Alaskan Pollock
– Sablefish
– Weathervane Scallops

What can members expect from a wild-caught seafood membership?

With access to fishmongers directly, recipes, cooking tips and a community of fish lovers at hand, monthly seafood memberships provide individuals with healthy and wild-caught fish of their choice that will boost health and wellness and make it easy to enhance your at-home seafood cooking.

If you’ve always dreamed of wild-caught seafood that is sustainable and simple to order, a seafood subscription could be the answer.

Often considered as a service just like ‘your local fishmonger – but online’, wild seafood subscriptions is the perfect way to eat top-quality fish and seafood with fuss-free convenience.

Whether you are finishing too late at work, getting to the gym in your lunch break, running the kids around to after-school activities – or locked down due to a global pandemic – you can rest assured that your wild-caught, high-quality seafood delivery is taken care of, delivering you healthy, clean and convenient meals to your family all year round.

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