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Have you ever wondered if you should give online dating a go but wondered if it was worth the risk of putting yourself out there?

If you’ve wondered if online dating is up your alley and haven’t had the nerve to try it out maybe it’s time to give it a go and see what that fuss is all about.

The online dating world is full of plenty of people – whether they be young, old, outgoing, shy or anything in between – and if you are looking for an exciting way to meet new people from all walks of life, online dating could be the answer.

Online dating is a great way to get yourself out there without having to trawl local bars or single hang out joints, instead, you can be in the comfort of your own home and be able to check out some fantastic dating options all at the touch of a button. Sounds much more civilized than having to get dolled up for the night and wandering through packed bars trying to find Mr or Miss Right!

If you’ve been asking yourself ‘Should I try online dating?’ but you’ve always found excuses up to now that prevented you from trying it out; maybe you need to think up some new excuses.

It’s not safe

The rational answer to this conundrum is that it is actually much safer than meeting a random person in a bar. Let’s be honest, if you take the time to get to know someone online you are going to get more insight into their tastes, likes, dislikes and also a feel for their personality without the interruption of music, alcohol and the din of the bar. Plus the bonus of online dating is that you can only give away any personal information when you feel comfortable.

I know lots of people

While you may know plenty of people are they going to lead you to love? Meeting the right person for your love match at your work, gym or in your personal life is going a challenge, and online dating significantly increases your chance of meeting ‘the one.’

I don’t have time to date right now

We’re not falling for that old chestnut. You might be too busy to go out to bars and restaurants to find love, but you are not too bust to jump online and check out who might be interested in a date. Whether you are catching the train to work, checking your messages during your lunch break or you are having a few wines watching TV there is always enough time to do online dating.

I’m not ready to start dating

Kicking off your dating is the hard part, and there is never going to be an ideal time so rather than waiting for the best time just jump in and do it. If you don’t think you are ready for a relationship that’s fine, just have a chat with some people online and strike up a friendship and get to know some people. You just need to work on your confidence, and the rest will come.

It’s too expensive

There are plenty of online dating sites that offer free online dating weekend promotions or trial offers so you can get a feel for the app or website so jump on while there is an offer and you can test out the site and see if it is a good fit. You can spend only a few dollars month and meet the man or woman of your dreams. So rather than getting a coffee every day, why not think about signing up for something that could change the course of your life.

It’s just for nutters and weirdos

There are unusual types everywhere, and if you are trying to use this excuse you will need to find some new material. Online dating allows you to get to know someone before you even need to meet in person. You also have the luxury of reporting the individual to the site or app should you feel the individual is expressing inappropriate behavior. Ideally, with online dating, you should feel safer than you would in a bar or meeting someone on the street.

People all over the world use online dating to try and find their Mr or Miss Right as it is a safe way to find interested and single potential partners who could be a good match. If you are looking to find the love of your life why not experience online dating to get a feel for this exciting dating option. Rather than finding reasons why you shouldn’t try online dating, why not explore why you should – you never know, you might meet ‘The One”.

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