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Do you struggle to see the little things in your daily life and miss out on due to fear of breaking your glasses or having issues with your contact lenses? LASIK vision correction surgery could be the answer!

While many people can look at vision correction surgery as a costly options, it couldn’t be further than the truth when you weigh up the cost of glasses, contacts and eye solutions – over a period of a decade or two, not having your vision corrected, could wind up costing you a bucket full of cash.

Consider this, over 20 years eyeglasses might cost you $200 per pair, and if you average one new pair of glasses per year you’re looking at around $4000! This is to assume you’re not going to leave your glasses or break them and need to replace them more frequently.

While contact lenses could be an option, at around $500 per year, within 10 years, your vision correction surgery would have been well and truly paid for. As well as this, contacts can be forgotten, be uncomfortable to wear, or becoming irritated or lost after exercise, rubbing or sweating.

When it comes to convenience, long-term costs, affordability and overall effectiveness, LASIK vision correction surgery is a quick and non-invasive procedure that can have you seeing 20:20 faster, for longer and with long-term cost implications that outweigh the other options as far as you can see.

If you’re considering throwing away the reading glasses or contacts and getting better vision for better value, The LASIK Vision Institute is offering 20% off LASIK for a limited time. Consultations are free and with over 100,000 procedures under their belt, the tea from The Lasik Vision Institute are experts in their field and use the latest FDA approved LASIK technology.

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