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It is crucial to protect your car and home with the best insurance policy that’s right for you. Finding the right policy can often be hard work and confusing. What you want to cover, excess, premiums and ensuring you find a policy that suits your budget can be stressful. Shopping around is always the key, but what should you be looking for in a car insurance or home insurance policy?

Comparing companies and products to find the best price, quality and customer service available is crucial. Here are some tips for understanding the policy that will give you the coverage you need.

Understand what type of policy you need and consider asking these questions

  • Do you need home contents insurance, building insurance or both?
  • What are the cover levels of the policy? Which events does the policy cover you for such as fire, flood, earthquake, tsunami, storms? What about accidental damage, is that included in the policy?
  • For your car do you need comprehensive car insurance, third party property or third party fire and theft?
  • Are you entitled to driver discounts because you are an older driver or have multi-car policies?

How to get the best insurance for your money

  • Request quotes from three insurers. Ask each of them if they will match or beat their competitor’s premiums.
  • Consider varying your excess, a small increase in the cost of excess will lead to huge savings on premiums.
  • Commonly insurers offer a discount for combining insurances which can be a useful way to save.
  • Many insurance companies offer cheaper premiums to new customers than they do to their customers who are renewing. Visit the companies website and have a quick check on the online calculator to see if that is the case, this could save you lots of money.

At the end of the day if you’re looking to shop for a good car and home insurance policy always check the fine print! If you are unsure of what a term in the policy means then contact the insurer to clarify. By spending the time to compare quotes and ensure you are getting value for money you can not only save on your policies but get insurance that will cover you adequately in the event of a car accident or if you need to claim on health insurance.

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