You are currently viewing Want to watch your favorite channels for free? Here’s how.

We all want a way to avoid paying to watch our favorite shows and channels, and there is an innovative way to avoid all of the fees we diligently pay for Netflix, movies, sports on demand and all the rest of it, and it is all in the form of a handy little device called the Skyline Antenna.

What is the TiltTV?
This neat little device is able to receive up to 100 channels or more for free and all 100% legally – meaning you can get the channels you want all for no extra cost.

Developed with military technology, the TiltTV is reliable and technically advanced meaning you get the channels, movies and shows you want to watch for free all without having to do anything illegal.

The antenna directly plugs into your TV using the connections provided in the package and then once you turn on your TV you can run a channel scan to find all of your favorite shows – it is that simple!

What’s the secret to watching your favorite channels for free?
The reason you can use the TiltTV to watch your favorite channels for free all comes down to one cool and often unpublicized fact. Each television operator in the world needs to provide both the conventional signal and a signal per radio to broadcast the signal.

This means if you purchase the TiltTV you can access this signal and watch TV for free 24/7 in Ultra HD!

You do need to be 30 miles from broadcast towers ideally, and weather can affect the signal, so you should keep this in mind.

People around the world are switching to TiltTV and experiencing the difference of free channels without the need for signing up to expensive subscriptions. Up to 85% of shows are available using the device, saving a bucket load of cash for TV lovers around the world.

The antennas are available without any monthly subscription or fees, and the antenna is purchased once and can be used for years. Users just connect the antenna, install and enjoy their favorite channels.

If you are looking to save on your cable and satellite TV and you want to tap into the advantages of satellite TV, the TiltTV will allow you to watch your top shows for the one-off cost of an antenna with no ongoing expenses.

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