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The battle for your TV viewing habits continues to be a hot one between the cable and satellite companies. While cable companies continue to wage the war, judging by recent consumer trends, they are certainly on the losing side. Satellite providers simply offer far more than do cable providers. In addition, the cable conglomerates are notoriously slow to adopt new technology, enabling satellite TV providers to have an additional advantage over them. What are the benefits of satellite TV over cable?

More Channels

Satellite TV offers, literally, hundreds of different channels. When you add in digital music stations, that number shoots up even higher. Cable companies cannot touch the number of channels offered, nor the quality of the broadcasts. Satellite TV has one of the best pictures available for your TV viewing enjoyment. Whether you crave sports programming, news, music or even educational options, satellite TV beats cable.

HDTV Channels

Both major satellite providers offer an enormous range of HD TV channels. Cable companies do offer HDTV; let’s make that clear from the outset. The problem is that they carry very few of the enormous number of channels available. Both major satellite TV companies offer tremendous access to high definition channels, ensuring more viewing enjoyment across a wider channel base. The ever-expanding number of HDTV channels offered by satellite providers is one of the largest draws for consumers interested in a state-of-the-art viewing experience.

Digital Picture

By nature, satellite TV is digital. Contrast that with cable companies who may or may not offer digital images. While all cable companies must go digital (and very soon), the current offering is substandard and lacking. Satellite TV is now and has always been digital, which means that their equipment is perfected for broadcasting a digital signal, without the need for conversion boxes or other hardware that you must purchase.

Satellite TV Online

Cable companies have been very slow to adopt the Internet as a viable transmission medium. However, both satellite TV providers offer a range of online viewing options. You can record, view, pause and rewind live TV content directly through your PC with these options, enabling you to watch TV wherever you may be and ensuring better satisfaction. With the ability to watch and record TV (even HDTV) on your computer, as well as on your TV, there seems little point to going with a cable provider.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is also greater with satellite TV companies than with their “competition.” Cable companies have never ranked high with customer satisfaction, enabling providers to have yet another advantage over them. The level of quality, customer service, reasonable prices and the expanding channel lineup offered through satellite TV ensures that customer satisfaction will remain high for the duration.


While cable boxes are only available through the cable company, satellite dishes and receivers can be purchased from a number of different sources. This enables you to have the best price possible, by searching through various retailers.

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