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The war to win viewers has been waging between satellite and cable TV for a long time. Satellite and cable companies have battled against each other to provide the public with quality television. However, judging by recent consumer reports the clear winner in this battle is satellite TV.

In this article, we examine the advantages that satellite TV offers their consumers so you can make your decision once and for all!

  • Adopts new technology –Satellite TV is quick to adapt and embrace new technology allowing higher quality and advanced broadcasts which provides an advantage over cable TV, who are known to be quite slow to introduce new technology.
  • Choice of channels – Another benefit of satellite TV is there are hundreds of channels, and if you include digital music stations, the number of channels sky-rocket even further. The high-quality pictures available when you watch satellite TV will blow you away. You can enjoy watching all types of programs including sports, news, music, or educational shows via satellite TV.
  • High Definition TV Channels- One more reason satellite is more superior than cable is High Definition TV (HDTV) channels. Cable TV only offers a handful of HDTV channels while satellite has access to an enormous number of HDTV channels allowing viewers high-quality, state-of-the-art viewing.
  • Digital Images – Satellite TV is digital. There is no need for conversion boxes or other hardware to be bought to broadcast the signal. Cable companies on the other hand, at the moment, may possibly offer digital pictures otherwise equipment has to be purchased to ensure you get the digital programmes.  
  • Different online viewing options – For the convenience of viewers, satellite TV also features a range of online viewing options such as record, view, pause and rewind live TV. This gives satellite TV customers the freedom to be able to watch their favourite shows in their own time. Satellite TV also has the ability to watch and record TV on your computer. Cable TV companies have been very slow to adopt this medium.
  • Customer satisfaction – There is higher customer satisfaction among satellite companies than with cable. Satellite TV has ranked very high when levels of quality, service, price and variety of channels have been compared with cable.
  • Availability of equipment – Satellite dishes and receivers can be bought from many different wholesalers. This allows you to search for the best possible offer and price. Cable boxes, on the other hand, are only available through the cable company.

No matter which option you choose, both satellite and cable TV provide entertainment and whether you go down the satellite path or the cable TV path you’ll be spoilt for choice for the wide range of options for TV viewing whichever way you go.

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