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St. Patrick’s Day…
Green Parades, rivers and fountains dyed green… And alcohol, heavily consumed. And no, not only Guiness or green beer. The following 12 gadgets will take your drinking and bartending skills to the next level. (Prices don’t include shipping).

(Also available on Amazon for $45.99 – 49.99)
1.The Bar10Der

So you want to make a mojito…

Easy! All you need is a muddler, a reamer, a stirrer,
and… a strainer of course, so you don’t get ice bits floating in your glass.What a headache!

Armed with Bar10Der these problems will become a thing of the past! This 10-in-1 Swiss Army knife style tool boasts ten essential bartending tools, which will make you look like a pro the next time you invite friends over for a drink. The Bar10Der includes a muddler, a stirrer, a zester, a reamer and six other handy cocktail making tools. The compact design makes it easy to use and store.

2.Outset Cocktail Muddler

So, again, you were going to make a mojito, right?
Even if your home kitchen is well equipped, the chances are you’re still missing a proper muddler. You need this tool to, well, muddle the mint leaves, crushed ice, lime and rum which make the perfect mojito. Outset’s stainless steel Chillware Muddler has a grooved head and it can finely mash and crush citrus fruits, herbs and spices. Very little effort is needed and it’s easy to clean.

3.Fred Bombed Beerbands, Set of 12

($7.18 – 18.11)
Having downed a few beers, you’re probably too drunk to tell which bottle is yours. And then there’s always that guy who shouts: “Hey, this beer is mine!” Fred Bombed Beerbands will put an end to those ‘which beer is which’ brawls. With funny, witty words or sayings printed on them (e.g. loaded, tanked, bombed..) these stretchy molded rings are designed to fit beer bottles, beer cans and wrists and identify their legal owner.

4.The Meh. Flask

Everybody’s saying you’re apathetic…
Now is the time to reclaim your honor by showing off the Meh. Flask and saying proudly: “I’ll toast for that! Meh.” Made of stainless still, the Meh. Flask can hold six ounces of your favorite beverage coupled with unlimited apathy.

5.Bad Drinking Jokes Coaster Set

($4.99, Limited Availability)
If you’re like me, you hate bad jokes. The only time a bad joke cracks people up is when they’re completely drunk, isn’t it? The jokes on these coasters are, well, bad… They are kind of tacky and kitschy, but then that’s what makes them so great! And they’re also accurate. The round coasters come in various colors with retro style graphics. Each coaster measures about 4-inch in diameter.

6.Suck UK Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet, Stainless Steel

($17.99 – 20.00)
(Also available in white & red)
You know those moments when you’re craving for a lager but can’t find the bottle opener?
With the Suck UK Bottle Opener you will never have to fish around for it again. The stainless bottle opener has a strong magnet that conveniently sticks to your fridge. With a simple and elegant design, opening bottles is simple and elegant.

7.Menu Cool Coat

As most of us wine lovers know, white wine needs to be served chilled… While ice buckets normally do the job, they are messy and bulky. Enter the Cool Coat. This stylish wine chiller consists of two layers of textile and a removable inner coat filled with cooling gel. Once frozen, the inner coat fits back into the Cool Coat, ready to wrap up your favorite drink. Now you can enjoy about an hour of cool wine!

8.Fred Cool Jazz Ice Cube Tray

($8.71 – 9.95)
Jazz up your favorite beverages with these groovy ice cubes. These guitar inspired ice cube makers will bring about lots of fun and giggles. Each food grade silicone ice maker contains three stir sticks resembling the arm of a guitar. Once frozen, the stir sticks complete the guitar look and you can use them to stir your favorite drinks.

9.Fred & Friends Half Full Glass

($12.76 – 21.56)
Is there a pessimist in your life?
You know what we mean. The downer, the one who never smiles and drains the energy wherever he/she goes. The one who never misses the evening news just to tell you about the latest earthquake or plane crash. The pessimist always sees the glass half empty. Fred & Friends Half Full Glass will put an end to the downer’s agony. Since the bottom of the glass only starts halfway up, the drink always starts half full. Bliss!

10.The Handy House Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

If you like preparing cocktails and shakes but also love the planet, you can now wave goodbye to those wasteful, non ecological plastic straws. Packed in sets of four 18/10 angled straws, the Handy House Stainless Steel drinking straws will add an elegant touch to the next mojito or piña colada you serve. The straws are made of FDA food safe materials and come with a handy straw cleaner.

11.The Original Slush Mug (Set of two)

(Or buy a single mug for $9.97 – 13.95)
Slush, slurpees, Popsicles…

Boy, do these frozen delights bring back childhood memories!
With the Original Slush Mug these sweet, ice cold memories can be brought back into your life. This patented mug will turn almost any sugary beverage into a delicious slush. Simply keep the mug in the freezer and when you’re ready, pour your favorite drink in, stir and watch the magic happen…

12.Schott Zwiesel Basic Bar Selection by Charles Schumann Boston Shaker

($25.22 – 34.99)
While beers and wine would make most guests happy, if you want to take your bartending skills to the next level, a shaker is a must! And the Basic Bar by Charles Schumann Boston Shaker is a great option to choose from. Solidly built of high grade stainless steel and thick glass, it is functional, easy to clean, ergonomic and beautiful. When used correctly (Check the 5 star Amazon reviews for clear directions), the metal part will form a perfect seal, unlike many other shakers that will leave your sleeve dripping whiskey sour…



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