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These days you can be charged for nearly everything – even things that should be free. Drinking water, access to a bathroom, but in an age where we are all trying to save money for a house, pay off debt or maybe a holiday, here are a list of 15 things you can do without paying for not only to save money but because they are offered in so many places literally for free –  you just have to look.

1. Museum visits

Apart from major exhibitions which sometimes don’t offer discounts, you can usually get a free pass to most museums at your local library. In addition, on certain days – usually slower weekdays, there is often free admission. Also, if you check online you can often find coupon codes as well.

2. Cable TV

With the cost of living rising time and time again, $75 per month for cable seems a little silly, when you can stream millions of shows, podcasts, movies for free or pretty close to. With your local channels still be free you can pay less and get more – simple.

3. Books

Library. They still have, well books so you can borrow them, read them and all for free. Not only that by there are sites such as with free audio books or with a range of ebooks that you can get for free. Not to mention there are second-hand booksellers everywhere to pick up a bargain.

4. Cookbooks

With so many great recipes online now, apps, instructable videos, you really can save a lot of money – and space in your cupboard – but going online for your recipes. Simply Google what you want to cook.

5. Music

Streaming music is how it is done these days. Get songs from around the world, like never before. Spotify offers free music – with ads – or if you can’t stand the adds for about $10 per month, all the listening you could ever want, ad-free straight to your device.

6. DVDs

Although something that is now becoming extinct – like the VHS – thanks to streaming, your local Library will have a selection of DVDs to borrow, you can sign up for Redbox and get free rental codes. So why buy them, when you can stream or borrow them?

7. Information services

You pay for information services? Really? One word…Google. If not, don’t dial 411, just dial 1800FREE411 and you will get a 10-second advertisement before you get the same service.

8. News

Don’t get your newspaper delivered, just look online. It’s easier to read, better for the environment and if you are commuting on the train or bus, its kinder on your neighbor rather than having newspapers all over their lap.

9. Email

Don’t ever pay for email. That is so 1990. Gmail, Yahoo, Mozilla and many more offer it for free and they are fast, innovative and usually better than those you pay for!

10. Higher education

Everyone wants to build their knowledge base but doesn’t want to fork out the large dollars for courses – such as a degree. Go online! There is an abundance of free courses, webinars, seminars some of which are great platforms to learn just about anything…such as the BBC have free lessons for anyone wanting to learn a new language.

11. Business advice

If you are looking for small business advice, then your first stop should always be the Small Business Administration. They have heaps of free information, online courses and consulting all geared to help you start your own empire.

12. Birthday meals

It’s your birthday, why shouldn’t you eat free! You only need a quick search online to find the restaurants in your local area – chains especially – that offer FREE MEALS on your birthday, sign up to their mailing list, ensure you have the correct birthday, then book a table for the day and enjoy!

13. Kids’ meals

There are a lot of restaurants these days that have ‘free kids meals’ to entice parents to come and buy full meals. Check out to find them in your area and cut the cost of your night out.

14. Water

Buy a drink bottle and refill it. Bottled water is more expensive than gas per liter, think about it that way. Fill up where you can at your home or drinking fountains to stay hydrated.

15. Job listings

There are so many ‘free’ job posting sites it’s not funny. Before you start going through the process, ensure you are on a site that is free to apply, as the chances are that the same job is posted on the free sites as it is the paid, so you are just paying for something you don’t need.

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