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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites in history and it shows no signs of slowing down. Anyone can join and start pinning images, videos, and quotes to virtual pinboards, but only the best pinners are gaining influence and buzz.

Are you ready to pin it to win it? If so, the Pinterest tools described below can help you turn boring pins and pinboards into amazing and highly shareable pins and pinboards.

These Pinterest tools can help you pin content faster and easier, track your influence and reach, and pin more types of content, too. If you’re a pinner, then you need to check out these Pinterest tools.

1. Share As Image

Share As Image (formerly called Pin A Quote) is a handy tool that enables you to quickly and easily pin a quote that you find within web content to one of your Pinterest pinboards. Just add the Share As Image bookmarklet to your browser toolbar and anytime you stumble on a line of text you want to share, just highlight it with your mouse and click the Share As Image bookmarlet in your toolbar to instantly pin it to the pinboard of your choice. If you want to be able to customize your quotes by choosing background colors, typeface, type colors, font size, and more, a Pro version is available for $6.99.

2. Snapito!

Snapito! makes it easy to pin screenshots to your Pinterest pinboards. Just navigate to the Snapito! website and enter the URL of the web page that you want to pin as a screenshot into the text box at the top of the Snapito! home page. Click the Snap! button, and you’re done. You can pin screenshots of the content you see on your screen or the full page (including content that’s not visible unless you scroll). Handy bookmarklets are available, which you can drag to your browser toolbar. Just click on the bookmarklet from any web page to instantly share a screenshot of that page in one of your pinboards.

3. Pintics

Pintics is still in beta, but you can visit the Pintics website and enter your email address to join the beta. This tool enables you to manage multiple Pinterest accounts from a single dashboard. You can also access analytics information about your Pinterest activities. For example, you can track pins, repins, and comments as well as traffic and sales from your pins. As you can imagine, this is a tool that businesses will want to try, but anyone can benefit from the streamlined management of multiple Pinterest accounts and performance metrics that Pintics offers.

4. Pinstamatic

Pinstamatic enables you to pin more types of content than the standard images, videos, and quotes. Using Pinterest, you can pin screenshots of websites or Pinterest boards, pin quotes with unique fonts, and add sticky notes to your pinboards. You can also add a clickable map to your pinboard, share music from Spotify so people can listen to it without leaving your pinboard, and pin Twitter profiles. Believe it or not, that’s not all Pinstamatic can do. Pinstamatic offers features to add dates and captions to pins and pinboards, too.

5. PinPuff

PinPuff lets you calculate your influence on Pinterest similarly to how tools like Klout and PeerIndex calculate social media influence. You also learn the value of each of your pins on PinPuff and your overall reach based on a score calculated using your follower number and Pinterest activities. PinPuff helps you save time by gathering statistics related to your number of followers, pins, repins, and likes for each pinboard you create.

6. Pinterest Right Click for Firefox

Pinterest Right Click is a handy Firefox add-on that gives you the ability to right-click and instantly pin specific images to your pinboards. When you find an image you want to pin, just hover your mouse over the image, right-click, and select Pin Image from the menu.

7. Pin Search for Google Chrome

Pin Search is a useful extension for people who use Google’s Chrome browser. It enables you to perform a Google search on any image pinned to a Pinterest pinboard. Just hover over any image on a pinboard and click the Search button that appears. You can find similar pictures, all the websites where the picture appears, who created the picture, and more.

8. Pinerly

Pinerly is another Pinterest analytics tool that can help you improve your Pinterest results and reach your goals. Therefore, it’s particularly useful for businesses and brands. Pinerly allows you to create campaigns and measure click-throughs, likes, repins, and reach over time. The tool offers suggestions for people to follow on Pinterest and makes it easy for you to unfollow people, scan popular pins, and schedule your own pins for publishing.

9. Repinly

Repinly helps you find popular pins, boards, and pinners on Pinterest at any given moment in time. It’s a great tool to track trending topics you might want to jump into with your own relevant pins and to find very active and influential Pinterest users who you might want to connect with.

10. WP Pinner for WordPress

WP Pinner is a WordPress plugin that adds a dashboard to your WordPress administration tool. The plugin saves you time and increases exposure and reach for your blog posts. When you publish a new post, a pin is automatically published, too. You can schedule when pins will be published on Pinterest and track likes, repins, click-through rate, and more. WP Pinner also offers a feature to auto-follow people on Pinterest.


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