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Any day is the right day to give pets presents, and the holidays are the perfect time to really spoil them! Whether you own a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, fish, or any other type of pet, there are great gifts available. Whether you’re looking to spoil your pet on a budget, or go all out and splurge, these 20 gifts for pampered pets should give you some great ideas for your gift shopping! Even if you don’t own a pet, you probably have a friend or family member with a totally pampered pet who would be thrilled to get any of these gifts.

1. Dog Mansions

Dog Mansions

Dog Mansions are the only choice in high-end living for the doggy 1%. When a regular doghouse just won’t do, dog mansions come in a variety of styles to match even the most discerning canine’s design preferences. Whether your dog prefers the sophistication of a southern mansion or the whimsy of a fairytale castle, he’ll feel every bit as special as he thinks he is when he rests from his long day at work chasing squirrels and barking at the mail truck. Prices start around $2,000.

2. FroliCat DART

The FroliCat DART entertains your cat for you by shining a laser light on the floor that some cats can’t resist chasing. The light rotates in 16 random patterns and speeds so you can take a breather while your cat wears herself out. Raise it up off the ground a few feet to create a larger play area for multiple kitties to play, and then sit back and laugh at their relentless pursuit of the “un-catchable” light. You can get a FroliCat DART for less than $30.00.

3. Labyrinth Aquarium

The Labyrinth Aquarium becomes a showpiece and focal point of any room and demonstrates that a fish tank really can be a work of art. However, this opulent home for your fish is a very large work of art. Standing 54″ high and 51″ wide with a depth of 42″, you’ll need a big room to fit the Labyrinth Aquarium. This big showpiece also comes with a big price tag. At $6,500, you’ll need to be prepared to part with a hefty sum for this acrylic lucite and aluminum tank. You do get some silk plants and three auto lights with the tank, but you’ll have to supply your own fish.

4. Bambu Pet Hammock

The Bambu Pet Hammock let’s your pet have a comfy place to rest without ruining the design aesthetic of your home. It’s also perfect for environmentally conscious pet owners because it’s made from a sustainable and solid bamboo wood frame. It includes what the manufacturer refers to as the highest quality stain resistant, hypoallergenic, removable, and washable cushion as well as a unique mattress support system that helps to alleviate pressure points which can cause or aggravate arthritis. As for the design, the manufacturer explains that inspiration was drawn directly from the philosophies used by some of the most recognized Scandinavian furniture designers. Prices for these pet hammocks range from $199.99-$249.99.

5. Pet Peek

The Pet Peek gives your dog a window to the world while keeping him safe behind the locked doors of your wood or vinyl privacy fence. If your dog longs to see what’s on the other side of the fence in your backyard, now you can show him without pulling out the leash and taking him for a walk. Instead, let him look through his own window anytime he wants! The Pet Peek window is made of a strong acrylic and can be purchased for about $35. The window is large enough that any kind of dog can use it to be as nosy as he wants.

6. Buckingham Palace Kitty Mansion

The Buckingham Palace Kitty Mansion is perfect for the real king or queen of your house — your cat. Kitty deserves a real castle that matches her self-appointed title, and now you can give her one for $2,500 (although, at the time of this article’s writing, you could pick up the Buckingham Palace Kitty Mansion on sale through the link above for just $1,200). Just like the real Buckingham Palace in London, the Buckingham Palace Kitty Mansion is big. It measures nearly 9′ tall, over 6′ wide, and nearly 4′ deep. It’s a castle big enough for all of your cats and your friends’ cats to play!

7. SuperCollar

The SuperCollar is truly unique and very cool. Gone are the days of searching for your dog’s leash because the SuperCollar is a dog collar with a built-in leash. Just twist the toggle to pull out the leash anytime you need it and retract it when you don’t. The leash is made of coated steel and can resist over 100 pounds. When fully extended, it is 3′ long, which is the length dog trainers recommend. The SuperCollar is for dogs between 20-90 pounds with neck sizes of 13″ to 17″. The list price is about $60, but at the time this article was written, the SuperCollar was on sale for under $30 through the link above. A portion of SuperCollar proceeds go to pet, working dog, and disaster relief organizations.

8. Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Desktop Jellyfish Tank

The Desktop Jellyfish Tank makes a regular fish tank seem really boring. Why get a goldfish when you can get a jellyfish and why get a fish bowl when you can get a jellyfish tank with remote-controlled, color-changing LEDs that light up your jellyfish in green, blue, purple, and pink? You can get a Desktop Jellyfish Tank with jellyfish, organic food, and the tank supplies you need to get your jellyfish habitat up and running quickly. Prices start at $249. A deluxe kit is also available for $749 that includes a hermit crab, two cleaner snails, and even more supplies. The Desktop Jellyfish Tank is fully optimized for up to five jellyfish. It weighs 60 lbs. when it’s full and measures 18″ high, 15″ wide, and 8″ deep. Make sure there is room on your desk or pick a different spot to show off your Desktop Jellyfish Tank before you bring it home.

9. HyperDog Ball Launcher

The HyperDog Ball Launcher goes the distance when you can’t. Just pull back the slingshot, and you can launch balls up to 220 feet for your fetch-loving dog to retrieve. The handy picker-upper built right into the HyperDog Ball Launcher means you don’t have to touch the slobber-coated ball in order to launch it again and again. The HyperDog Ball Launcher comes in two sizes, so it can hold two or four balls. It costs about $25, making it a great gift for any dog owner or for any dog!

10. Litter Robot II

The Litter Robot II might not be pretty, but according to user reviews, it really works. It has a huge carbon filter that eliminates odors (even for multiple cats) and reduces the frequency you need to change the litter. When the time to change the litter does come, you just switch the bag, and you’re done. The Litter Robot II is motorized, so there will be some noise. A 90-day money-back guarantee is included, so you can always try it and return it if you’re not happy (or your cats refuse to use it). With a $350 price tag, the return policy is very good news! It also includes an 18-month warranty.

11. Country Hamlet Birdhouse

Country Hamlet Birdhouse

The Country Hamlet Birdhouse will have birds lined up to visit, and it will look great in your yard, too. The 2-story, 19th century design was built for outdoor use, complete with drainage, ventilation, and a removable back wall, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing with a wraparound porch, western cedar shingled roofing, and three hanging flowerpots. Holes are the perfect size for small birds like chickadees, wrens, finches, and nuthatches, so you’ll surely attract a variety of visitors. Keep in mind, this is not a small birdhouse. The Country Hamlet Birdhouse is 12″ high and 16″ wide with a 12″ depth. You’ll need a post or mounting pedestal to hold it. This high-end birdhouse is priced at just under $300, but at the time of this article’s writing, it was on sale for under $250 through the link above.

 12. Peter’s Walking Rabbit Jacket

The Peter’s Walking Rabbit Jacket gives your bunny some freedom, fun, and style. The jacket wraps snuggly around your pet rabbit without being overly constricting and secures with a handy velcro closure and quick-snap buttons. The material is durable and completely machine washable, and the leash is elasticized to accommodate big bunny hops. Peter’s Walking Rabbit jacket comes in a variety of patterns and colors for a list price of $13.99. If you know someone who has a pet rabbit (or you own a rabbit), then Peter’s Walking Rabbit would make a great gift.

13. DJ Cat Scratch Turntable

DJ Cat Scratch Turntable

The DJ Cat Scratch Turntable let’s your cute little kitty cat turn into DJ Kitty to the C-A-T so he can finally let his fly mixing skills out. Just put some catnip on the spinning cardboard, mixing deck-shaped scratching mat, and get your video camera ready, because you’re about to capture the next viral YouTube video. The DJ Cat Scratch Turntable is just under $35, and it assembles in seconds (no glue or tools required).

14. Dog Rider Pet Costumes

The Dog Rider Pet Costumes give new meaning to the phrase, “Ride ’em cowboy.” They’re the perfect gift for a laugh, and with six different types of riders to choose from, you’re sure to find the right one for the dog or dog owner in your life. You can choose between a cowboy, jockey, headless horseman, monkey, mailman, or goblin. The adjustable harness fits most dogs, and since the Dog Rider Pet Costume is fairly unobtrusive to the dog (in comparison to other costumes), there is less chance that the dog will try to get it off. It’s also easy to put on the dog’s leash while she’s wearing the costume. The Dog Rider Pet Costume only costs about $20.

15. Pet High Chair

The Pet High Chair makes your dog or cat really feel like they’re part of the family during one of the most important times of the day — mealtime! Who says pets can’t sit at the table and eat with their humans? For about $50, the Pet High Chair let’s pets join in rather than sitting on your lap, begging under the table, or being kicked out of the kitchen. Restraints give you peace of mind that your pet won’t try to escape from the Pet High Chair, and the durable nylon fabric and adjustable clips ensure that your pet will be at the right level but won’t fall out. You can fold up the Pet High Chair for dining-on-the-go or for storage. Do keep in mind that pets over 10 pounds are too big for the Pet High Chair.

16. Indoor Dog Restroom

The Indoor Dog Restroom takes the worry out of potty accidents by giving your dog a place to relieve himself without having to go outside. It’s ideal for people who work long hours whose dogs spend long days (or nights) at home alone without a way to go outside. Similarly, people who live in apartments in cities, disabled pet owners, and more will find the Indoor Dog Restroom to be extremely helpful. The mat is made of an antimicrobial turf material that is scented to attract dogs. It sits on top of a tray that can hold up to 2 gallons of liquid and is easy to empty and clean. It’s priced at just under $100, but it could be worth a lot more to the dog owner who could really use it for his or her pet.

17. Hats for Cats

Hats for Cats are available for any occasion. Dress your cat up in a Santa hat, an elf hat, or a Christmas crown during the holidays or give her a sailor’s hat, beret, or bonnet. There are many styles to choose from to fit every feline personality. If hats aren’t your cat’s thing, pick a bow or wig. Hats for Cats are handmade and have been featured on Good Morning America. Imagine the pictures you could take when your cat puts on her new hat!

18. Pet Seat Belt

The Pet Seat Belt is a must-have item for any pet owner. If you know anyone who has ever gotten in a car accident while their dog was in the car with them, then you know how dangerous it is to let pets ride in a car without a seat belt. Even a minor accident could cause significant injuries or death to an unrestrained pet. The Pet Seat Belt ensures that your pet will be as safe as you are if an accident happens. It’s comfortable, strong, and machine washable. It also comes in multiple sizes to fit all dog breeds. At just under $25, the Pet Seat Belt is an item that all pet owners should buy. If you know a pet owner who doesn’t have one, it’s a gift they’ll surely appreciate.

19. RuffBowl

The RuffBowl is such a simple product but it’s also completely genius. It’s one of those products that everyone sees and thinks, “Why didn’t I invent that?” If you own a dog, then you’ve probably taken her for a walk and watched your dog get thirsty or stop to poop when you’re completely unprepared. It’s hot and tiring to keep those four legs moving to keep up with you (or drag you to chase a multitude of amazing scents). With the RuffBowl, your dog can drink on the go, because it attaches easily to most large retractable leashes. Grab a bottle of water and your dog’s leash with the RuffBowl attached, and you and your dog can stay hydrated during your outing. And for emergency poop situations, you can use it to pick up the evidence while keeping your hands clean. It solves two problems for just $8. If you want to be sure the RuffBowl works with your dog’s leash, you can buy it with a matching retractable leash for $26.

20. Featherstone Tudor Bird Cage

The Featherstone Tudor Bird Cage ensures that your feathered friend lives in grand style. It comes with everything you’d expect to house a small bird like a parakeet or a medium-sized bird like a cockatiel, including two feeding dishes, a removable floor for cleaning, and two perches, as well as the luxurious design of a classic Tudor home. However, if a Tudor home isn’t right for your bird, you can choose a Stone Cottage, a Victorian, a Cape Cod, or a Brownstone. Prices range from $89 to $110 depending on the style you select.

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