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It’s time to sell your house and you need to get it on the market and sold quickly, but how can you sell your house fast without having to take a massive chunk out of the value of the home?

Many homes sell after a few weeks on the market, however, based on demand some properties can sit on the market for weeks or months waiting for the perfect buyer. By following a couple of simple steps you could help your home sell that little bit faster.

1. Get help from a professional agent

Don’t run the risk of keeping your home on the market for lengthy amounts of time but trying to sell the property yourself, engage the services of an expert real estate agent to get your property on the market and sell your home for a good price in record time. While listing the home privately might save you closing costs you will probably take longer to sell the property so to sell your home faster, get in a pro realtor.

2. Price the house appropriately

Have you done your research and checked out all the local homes to see if your list price is suitable for a quick sale. You should ensure you get the price right, as a high price will take time to sell and will decrease your chances of a quick sale. Compare other homes in the market and choose a price that you and your realtor think is a realistic price point.

3. Make an impression

Your home needs to make an impression for all the right reasons and to increase your chances of a quick sale you need to ensure that your home is up to date, freshly painted and has the look and feel that will appeal to your targeted buyers and wow them. Think of simple ways to breathe life into your home ahead of listing your home on the market, it could be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or even new appliances, a good impression could speed up the selling process and get you a sale much faster than you expected.

4. Choose the best time of the year

There are times of the year that are better than others for selling homes and this is due to the seasons offering a better showing opportunity for your home. Winter and fall are usually stand out months for listing a home however it’s all based on when you need to sell, so while you might try to focus on a time when you might get more people through the door during open houses keeping this mind is key.

5. Add a few incentives

If you really want to speed up the selling process why not consider sweetening the deal and offering to cover the buyer’s closing costs or even all in new appliances to give potential buyers that little bit more incentive to buy your home. Consider what might be a sweetener for potential home buyers and add in whatever incentives you think might provide a faster sale.

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