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Your electricity bill comes in the mail and you gingerly open it up and hold your breath, it’s not fun waiting for your bills to come and if you want to lower your bills it can be as easy and air drying your laundry. Here are some of our top tips for lowering your electricity bill.

1. Unplug everything.

Leaving all of your electrical items plugged in at all times 24/7 will gradually push up your electricity bill. If you’re not using your items, turn them off and you will be able to start seeing the savings. While unplugging items might be annoying, once you see the savings you will be shocked.

2. Air-dry your laundry.

Drying your clothes in the clothes dryer might be easy, but it chews up a lot of energy and this winds up going onto your electricity bill. If you have an indoor clothes rack, why not air dry your laundry so you save the energy and lower your bills. You can even dry your clothes in front of the fireplace or in your laundry area without needing the dryer.

3. Use a toaster oven for small-sized meals.

Do you use the big conventional over for tiny meals? Why not pull out the toaster over and save on energy. Using a smaller over will save on costs and could allow you to purchase something special with the savings.

4. Do your dishes by hand.

In times gone by washing the dishes with family was a great way to unwind and relax after a big day and using the dishwasher each and every time you need to wash dishes is using up heaps of energy and removing the warmth out of the traditional chat while you do dishes by hand.

5. Wash with cold water.

Electric heating costs money and if you want to lower your electricity bill you should consider washing in cold water to save some cash. Your clothes will wash well and you will be saving each and every time you do a load of washing.

6. Turn off your electric oven before you finish cooking.

When you turn on your over you generate a lot of heat, so turning off the over once it has hit a specific temperature is a great way to save money and reduce the energy you are using in the home. Rather than sucking up electricity, consider turning off your electric oven before you wrap up your cooking and take advantage of the heat that has already been generated in the over.

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