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Do you feel like you haven’t got your head around the features of iOS7? Are you getting the most out of your phone? Or have you been walking around with the phone in your pocket unaware of all the cool stuff it can do?

We have put together some useful tips and hacks for people who would like to be productive and use their phone to its full potential.

block this caller

1. Block This Caller.

Did you know that there is an option to block calls, so you are time productive while you work? The ‘Block This Caller” feature is available and should be used to block the time wasters from calling you. You have the option of blocking a person during work hours, so you are not interrupted and then unblocking them when you are free for a chin-wag. Go to the contact’s details on your phone and click the “i” button at the bottom of the screen.

swipe browsing

2. Swipe Browsing.

Another function available is to Swipe Browse. This means that you are able to go back and forward between the screens you are browsing instead of hitting back every time. It allows your browsing to be quicker and more convenient.


3. Swipe For Texting Timestamps.

This is another smart function that you may not know exists. Are you like a majority of people and are time poor when it comes to replying to text messages? Do you sometimes wonder what time the text was sent? If you open up the tread of the text and swipe right to left over the text message, the timestamp will appear.

compass level

4. Using The Compass As A Level.

Did you also know that the compass feature on the Compass App also has the useful tool of a level? Open the compass app and go to the second page where you will be able to use a level. Cool!

continuous shooting

5. Continuous Shooting Mode.

The burst mode when taking images is another fantastic feature on offer. It is excellent when trying to capture some action shots, sport or something momentous. The burst mode also allows you to remove a person who is blinking to get the perfect image.

do not disturb

6. Improved Do Not Disturb.

This is a great setting that allows you to ensure that you do not get disturbed. You can enter the specific times that you are not available to make sure that you are not disturbing in a meeting, appointment or you can be productive.

siri set an alarm

7. Siri Alarm Set.

Siri has always been a helpful addition to our phones however now she is new and improved. You can now ask Siri to set the alarm for you without telling her the exact time. So for example, if you are baking and need to get the cake out of the oven in 30 minutes ask Siri and she will set the alarm. It is that simple.

Hopefully, this list of hacks assists you in getting an additional hour or two in your day to make it more productive and efficient.

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