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These days it can be difficult to plan a wedding on a barely-there budget, and if you want to get married it can be the difference between being in debt for the first few years of your married life or eloping so you can save some cash and kick off your marriage debt-free.

There are options for planning an amazing wedding on a shoestring budget, you just have to know where to look and what to explore.

1. Prioritize your budget.

The key to planning a wedding on a shoestring is to ensure you put the money you have in the right places. Avoid the flashy splashes of cash and avoid spending on things you don’t need or don’t suit your guests. You can cut corners in plenty of places, so add in your ‘must-haves’ and then go from there.

2. Plan your wedding during off-peak times.

Did you know that if you have your wedding at an off-peak time or even on a weekday or a Sunday you can save big money on your reception and wedding hire costs? Planning for off-peak weddings is a great way to avoid paying top dollar for your big day.

3. Toss your B list.

Trim down your guest list and only invite the essential guests, not your extended family or people you never or rarely see. You will save on costs per head and make your event an intimate occasion that everyone will remember. You don’t need to have a big fat Greek style wedding, just an intimate affair will save you costs and keep the celebration to your nearest and dearest.

4. Send out your save-the-dates via email.

Printing and postage is expensive, so use one of the amazing programs that are available these days for RSVP’s for your wedding and save the dates.

5. Make your own invitations.

If you are a little crafty or you like the idea of saving up big on your stationery you might want to consider setting up a working bee and making your own invites to your wedding.

6. Skip the party favors.

Party favors are a tradition, but does anyone even keep them? You can save the cash and put it towards something you actually want like music or your cake instead, rather than giving people little trinkets they won’t use or remember.

7. Enlist the help of your family and friends.

If you’re looking to hold your wedding on a shoestring one of the best ways to save a bucket load of cash is to enlist the help and expertise of your family and friends. Get someone to make your cake instead of providing a gift, ask friends to help you decorate, get some buddies who are in a band to play for your wedding entertainment, your family and friends will love being a special part of your day and you will be able to have the wedding of your dreams on a shoestring budget!

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