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Regardless of what your opinions of Twitter it is not only one of the greatest marketing tools of the current time, but also one of the best time wasting mechanisms. If you blocked your access to Twitter, Facebook, and the other social media platforms, odds are that if you disable them, deleted them – just for a day don’t get too worried – many of you would get at least an hour, maybe two back into your lives!

So rather than sitting idly by and spend all your time in the Twitterverse, here are 7 key areas to maximize your time on Twitter.

1. Automate some of your Tweets.

One of the greatest gifts to society of technology is automation. It allows us to spend more time doing what it is we want to do, while the automated sequences, tweets, and emails are generated and sent. So don’t type every single link through to every blog post, sales funnel and promotional activity you are running – automate it, so you don’t miss a beat. Twitterfeed is a great example of what can be done to get it done.   

2. Schedule some of your tweets.

In social media land, time is money and timing is everything. You need to ensure that your activities are scheduled to target each target market or audience when it best suits. So by utilizing tools such as Hootsuite, TweetDeck, and Buffer, you can schedule your tweets to capture everything and everyone.

3. Cross-promote some of your tweets.

One to the best ‘hacks’ for time-saving in social media or any digital marketing for that matter is through ‘repurposing’. By cross-promoting using Hootsuite and SproutSocial, you can take the time out of using buildable platforms to share your content, just put it into these fantastic apps and publish them across the platforms.

4. Create lists and use them.

One of the best – and most forgotten about – features of Twitter are the lists. They should be created not only for your personal following but for strategic targeting. Create a list for certain segments of clients, or family or friends, that way you can see everything that is going on in the list, quickly and efficiently.

5. Use hashtags whenever possible.

It may sound very cliche, but you need to hashtag. They can help you extend your reach, create a community and also tag your post along with specific topics or groups you want to expose your tweet to. Secondly, but using you can find relevant hashtags to add to your tweet to again, further extend their reach to the people globally that could push your tweet even further.

6. Monitor keywords instead of searching for tweets that interest you.

Keywords in Twitter work like SEO, they are far more effective when specific. Searching through Tweets can be time consuming and laborious, while Monitter a great effective keyword search tool can do the work for you based on the tweets that use those keywords, rather than trawling through the tweets themselves.

7. Know your limits.

Like any endurance sport, with Twitter, you need to know your limit. 140 characters long, but ensure that if people are going to share or retweet your post, that you have your key message in the first few lines. As people share, your message may be cut off, losing its impact by the second or third retweet that comes through. You need to ensure your message is carried away by the little birds as far as possible.

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