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Do you struggle with your productivity? Fear not! There are some great tools out there that can help you boost productivity levels and take you to a super organized high – the best thing is, there are lots out there for iPhone that are free!

Here are our favorite productivity apps for iPhone that you can download for free.

1. Converter Plus

Have you ever struggled to try to convert Celsius into Fahrenheit or do you find it difficult converting from pounds to kilograms, there is a solution and it is free! Many of us find it difficult to make simple conversions and this handy and free converter will update currencies, weight, length, temperature, and volume in one easy step.

2.Nightstand Central Free

Do you wish your phone could turn into an elegant alarm clock or desk clock without needing to fork out your hard earned cash? The Nightstand Central Free iPhone app is a brilliant productivity tool and has horizontal modes, adjustable brightness and snooze time. There is a paid version which is ad-free and also a free version.


If you have lots of accounts and memberships online you’re bound to struggle to remember your login details and while the idea of having one master password for every single account might seem genius, the reality is that you open yourself up to security issues if your password isn’t secure. The iPassword app is perfect for storing all your private info for logins particularly for social sites and eCommerce sites.

4.Secure Photo+Video Free

Do you keep all your photos on your iPhone and always worry that if you lose your phone your memories will be lost forever? The simple and free solution is Secure Photo + Video Free, an awesome app that keeps your photos secure from prying eyes in specially created albums, The app offers Retina Display, long passwords, videos and email integration.

5.iBolt Video Downloader & Manager

iBolt is a fully featured video downloader and a private video manager that is smooth, convenient and stable for use on iPhone. The app has plenty of cool features including bookmark manager, single tap downloads, and download manager and supports MP4, M4V, and MOV formats. The $0.99 pro version allows direct video downloading to your iPhone or iPad.

6.HippoRemote Lite

Have you ever been in a presentation and needed a remote to present and haven’t been able ot find a tool that easily integrated with your program, the answer is HippoRemote Lite. This nifty program is the perfect controller in the boardroom, conference room or whenever you need to present to an audience.

7.USA Holidays Calendar 2011-2015

Do you struggle to remember important holidays such as Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving? With USA Holidays Calendar your troubles are over. This simple app displays all the holidays celebrated in the US along with their dates so you can be the most organized person in your family and plan your holidays years in advance!

8.Awesome Calendar Lite

Do you want to refresh your iPhone calendar with something a little more functional? This calendar offers plenty of features including automatic syncing, notes with photos, weather info, alarms, and plenty more. It looks great and is highly functional, helping you get super productive and organized all via your phone.

9.Errands To-Do List

Do you have a list full of errands an arm’s length long? This clever app will help to boost productivity thanks to plenty of awesome features including folders, checklists, calendar view, search and much more. Add repeating tasks so you never forget any tasks ever again!

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