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Ah, the art of happiness. No this is not a ‘laughing matter’, it a very serious matter. Happiness is truly what makes the world go around. Two people, from the same background, can be in a situation and have two completely different reactions – that what makes us special. Happiness is something that keeps families together and keeps people alive and well.

Meanwhile the opposite, well..does exactly that. Sad, but true. So we have 8 tips for you to move forward with a positive outlook and 8 things that can make you and those around you happier.

1. Watch Your Words

Words are extremely powerful –  weapons of sort – that not only can affect others but those you. If you are negative, if you look for what is wrong in a situation, and speak negatively – such this is too hard, I am too old, too tired, too fat – that is all you will be. The glass being ‘half full’ is the way to approach everything. Speaking with positivity, even when times are tough, will make you and those around you so much happier.

2.Love Yourself

It doesn’t matter what you look like, how fat, thin, rich, poor and everything in between, there is only one you. You need to respect that, love that and let the beauty shine through. If you are happy with yourself, you can love others and make them happy too.  

3.Fall in Love

Unconditional love means that you’re never judged and that you and your other half truly complete each other. This kind of love does exist, not only in fairy tales. If you’re not already experiencing it with your partner, then it may not be Mr/Mrs Right after all. Do whatever you can to find your true soulmate. Fight for the love you deserve and never settle for less than true, unconditional love.

It is better to have loved and to have lost than to never have loved at all. Love is something that will not only make you happy but make you a better version of who you already are. When you fall in love, you and that special someone understand each other on a deeper level, want to help them through everything and want to do everything with them – never without. When you find love, you will be happy by just being in that person’s presence.

4. Be Faithful to Your Partner

Being faithful is one of the most important elements to happiness, why, because you will always be at peace. The person you love, who makes you happy deserves you to be 100% committed to them, and to you as a couple. With the rise of the internet and sites such as Ashley Maddison & technology such as smartwatches making it easier than ever before to conceal affairs or meetups outside your relationship. This adds stress to you, your partner if and when they find out, the third person involved not to mention you will always be looking over your shoulder. Not a nice way to be.

5.Release Your Pain

We all need an outlet. From pushing a few sets at the gym, to music, going for a run, even reading a book or going for a swim. You need your time. If you are bottling it all up, you will eventually explode. You can also talk to people, your friends, partner or a therapist. It’s not a dirty word to see a shrink, just like your car, it is always good to look under the hood and check how the motor is running. Don’t bottle up pain, ensure you have a release.  

6. Make Yourself Laugh

Despite whatever may or may not be happening around you, ensure that you laugh. Be it with someone or just yourself. Ensure you crack yourself up a few times per day. Rather than scrolling through social media in your break, looking at all the people showing off how much they have, where they are on holiday or how great their ‘life on socials’ is, why not watch a comedy sketch, listen to a podcast or watch kitten videos if it’s your thing. Make yourself laugh and you will be better off for it.

7. Get Creative

You don’t need to be a designer or an artist in order to create. As humans, we were born to create and it’s one of the things that sets us apart from other species. So be creative and innovative in whatever you do, whether you’re a doctor, a firefighter or even an accountant. You will inspire others, feel at peace and accomplished and your profession or business will benefit significantly.

Get creative, learn something new, try something different – as humans we are creative by nature. You don’t need a fancy art degree or to be a graphic designer to be creative. You just need to be inspired, learn and evolve. Be you a bus driver, dolphin trainer or accountant, you can add creativity and be happier in what you do.

8. Live off Your Passion

Just because you rock up to work and collect your paycheck every week doesn’t mean you love your job. Ever wonder why some people look so happy at work, why they seem to perform better than everyone else? Its because they love what they do & are passionate about it. Ok, so maybe you can’t live out every passion of yours, but if cycling is your passion, get out there and do it. If you really love it, go and work in a bike shop, live it. If you surround yourself with people who love your passion too, then you will really thrive rather than simply survive.

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