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In the future the possibilities are endless and if you think about how things have changed even in the last couple of decades it is mind-boggling to think what else is possible. Here are some of the possible futuristic possibilities we could be in for. Take a look and see what you think is possible.

Connection Backlash

These days everyone is connected and the amount that is going on globally raises the questions will there come a time that there will be too much connectivity. The over connectivity issue is a massive concern and while social networks tick over and the world of wi-fi skyrockets the connection backlash is going to be an alarming thing to consider particularly for privacy.

Content Providers As Hosts

If your content provider has their hands in all the pies it will mean that you might experience a monopoly as providers become hosts including companies such as Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T. Companies such as NetFlix and Amazon are being screwed on their ISP fees as companies invest in their own infrastructure and partner with all the power players.

More Pay-To-Play, Reduction In Quality

ISPs price gouge content providers – that’s the nature of the beast – and as IPSs can get away with this they will which means that there will be price increases and net neutrality will be lost. As consumers are more knowledgeable, hopefully, the tables will turn and the pay to play process will experience reductions in quality.

Rise Of The Wearables

SmartWatches and other wearables are cool to a certain cross-section of people, but think about whether the idea of a wearable is really going to be cool in the future. Whether they are a a fad now or not – the future could be wearable as smartphone and devices get smaller.

Internet As Public Utility

The internet is by far something that has the most possibility and we should always be aware that as we harness its power we can see huge promise in the future of the internet. As customers demand content and the content providers continue to increase prices, the internet will become a public utility of sorts. In the modern world, we require quality of content and ISPs will lose the ability to provide the content they think we need, rather the public will demand net neutrality.

What do you think the Internet future holds? Do you believe that it’s heading in the right direction or the wrong direction? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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