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Today’s economy requires more vigilance than ever before. Staying informed with the latest tips and advice allows you to take charge of your finances, and we’ve got the Top 100 Finance Blogs to Follow in 2013 to help you do just that. A lot can change over the course of a year, and the options listed here are your best bets to stay abreast of each and every financial nuance.

You want the year ahead to be better than the one before. To ensure it is, check each of these as often as you can, and don’t forget to act. After all, raw data and in-depth analysis won’t pay your bills or grow your 401K. Do your best to take one action each day that will improve your finances. Set up a savings plan. Seek out investments with higher yields and proven performance. Know which tax deductions you can take, and how to avoid audits and keep the creditors at bay.

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit.

No matter what your financial situation is — whether you’re barely getting by or on pace for early retirement; whether you already have skin in the game or are looking to make that first investment — the top 100 finance blogs to follow in 2013 will show you the way. The professionals at each of these blogs have a history of giving sound financial advice and providing up-to-the-minute insight capable of keeping pace with the markets and economic indicators.

Don’t allow naysayers to keep you sidelined in 2013. Economies ebb and flow. Down-market or up-market, there’ll always be winners and losers. The only shot you have at winning is if you’re in the game. Get in the game this year, mix it up, and don’t forget to check often with the great coaches listed here.

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