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Creating infographics that will rock your world no longer requires the skills of a professional graphic designer. Thanks to some of the latest online tools, you can create amazing infographics that are easy to understand and effective at turning complex data into visual pieces of art.

Don’t hire an expensive graphic designer, get professional infographics by using some of these cool infographics tools.

1. is still in beta testing which means it has some kinks to iron out, this tool is simple to use thanks to its drag and drop tools and will allow you to create cool themes that are fantastic for turning your ideas into a reality.

2. Creately

Creately helps users to create charts using a handy flowchart and diagram system. Plenty of users can collaborate on a project and your projects will get the extra polish you’ve been looking for.

3. Piktochart

Piktochart with free and paid accounts, Piktochart has customizable themes and editing tools that help users to turn information into graphic designer masterpieces.

4. is a free infographic program that creates distinctive and polished infographics using a theme process that allows for easy to add information to be added to the infographic including charts.

5. is a program that can be used to create a data visualization of the social metrics from your Twitter or Facebook profiles which is a handy way to present key information in a cool format.

6. ManyEyes

This infographic program offers data can be used to create data visualizations for your infographics. Whether you upload your own data sets or you create it within your program this cool tool will make your infographics sing.

7. Hohli Charts

Hohli Charts create custom and professional charts including pie charts, bar charts, and radar charts to be used as infographics. Whether you are looking for tool to create diagrams for your infographics or you want to incorporate your Google Charts, Hohli Charts is a tool you need to try.

8. StatSilk

StatSilk offers a  variety of global data that’s perfect for creating cool charts and interactive maps. Whether you save static images and add them to your infographics or you want the best graphics for your next presentation, StatSilk is a tool that’s worth considering.

9. Dipity

Dipity can create timelines for your infographics for free, so you don’t have to fork out for a graphic designer to do the designs for you at exorbitant rates. Paid accounts are also available for users who need advanced features that aren’t offered in the free version.

10. Tableau Public

Tableau Public is available for free download and creates custom infographics that can be inserted into presentations in a flash. The tool can be used by simply uploading your datat to the servers, designing the infographic and generating a professional output.

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