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There are plenty of productivity apps to use for your mobile phone if you just know where to look and rather than sifting through all the options, we’ve put together some of our top favorites to help you with the process. These cloud-based apps will make your life more efficient and support your mobile device.


A popular choice globally for productivity and planning, Evernote works to remember everything for users and perfectly syncs across a number of platforms. Improve productivity and take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists and add reminders – all simply and easily so you can gain access at a later date with ease.


Who doesn’t love Dropbox for sharing and collaborating with people both within your office and globally. The cloud-based platform is super helpful for storing large files in real-time, so no more clogging up your hard drive with massive files and then crashing your computer when you need access. With paid and free plans available, this great productivity tool will save you time and space day in day out.


Similar to Dropbox, Box offers plenty of space for those among us that need to save heaps of files remotely. Easy to use and with plenty of features including accessing, viewing, editing and sharing from your mobile, Box is a tool that is too good to ignore. Jump online and check out the possibilities of Box today.

4.Google Drive

Good old Google Drive is convenient and easy to use and is relied upon across the world by Google-loving users. The app allows users to create, edit and share docs, sheets, and presentations across the Google network. There is a lack of encrypted storage at the moment, however, the app continues to improve so this is sure to be rectified in a future update.

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