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Are you wanting to up your exercise game but you can’t afford a gym membership? You may be wanting to ease your way back into exercise after having a break for awhile. Well, the time is near when the sweaters and jackets are packed away, and shorts and tank tops are being worn. How will you feel after flaunting your possibly pale and paunchy body this Spring after all this time?

Don’t panic! We have put together a list of free fitness apps for your iPhone or iPad that will help you eat, sleep and feel better in no time.

Ab Trainer This app offers abdominal and core workouts that will transform your body. It provides comprehensive exercises for bodyweight only, dumbbells and resistance bands. The app is user-friendly and gives detailed instructions with videos, images, and animations. The workouts can be done at home and are quick so they can fit into your busy day.

Pilates Core Pilates is an exercise routine that involves controlled, concise movements and stretches that increase strength, balance, and flexibility. Pilates Core app offers five different type of workouts which are clearly instructed and illustrated with a series of images from the starting to the finishing positions. The workouts range from one minute to forty-five minutes so that pilates can fit into your daily life.  

MyFitnessPal  This app will help you lose weight, get healthy, change your habits, or start a new diet. It has the features to track the food that you are eating and help you make healthy choices. The app will help you reach your goals by helping you to set goals and change your habit. MyFitnessPal could be your new best friend.

Eat This, Not That! The Game This is a fun game that challenges your nutritionist skills and knowledge from your armchair. Eat This, Not That! The Game is an informative app that asks players to tap through rounds of different food items and encourages players to make good food choices.

Relax Melodies  Having a good night’s sleep is just as important as eating right and exercising. The Relax Melodies app will allow you take back control of your sleep and will allow you to sleep better every night. You can select which sounds and melodies you prefer and even create a mix. There are forty-six sounds to choose from.

Interval Timer – Seconds by Runloop This app is the best free interval training app on the App store for those who want to put together their own workout routine. The app offers templates for HIIT, Tabata, Circuit Training and more. The app coordinates the music with the intervals and is a universal app, so it works on all different devices including apple watch.

Podrunner Music is the best motivator when exercising, except maybe a trainer yelling in your ear. Podrunner is a free music app that provides non-stop, high energy music mixes that will help you stay pumped when you are exercising. This music mix is perfect for walking, jogging, running, spin class, aerobics, the list goes on and on. That is why it has been an iTunes award-winner for six years in a row.

Unstuck This app will help you with your whole health and wellbeing. It not only focuses on your physical state but your mental state too. Unstuck is a digital motivation coach that will help you through challenges to a better life.

Men’s Fitness Complete Sport Training Guide This app will offer sports-specific strategies to help improve and develop strength, speed, and endurance. Men’s Fitness Complete Sport Training Guide will offer nutritional and hydration tips, training advise and share the best exercises so you can become the best athlete you can possibly be.

Universal Breathing – Pranayama  This free breathing app is recommended by leading Doctors and is one of the most popular breathing apps in the world. Pranayama is a slow breathing exercise that can reduce stress and stress-related illnesses. It will ensure that your lung capacity is working at its peak which will give you higher athletic endurance.

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