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Pinterest is the number one fastest growing social media site in history. With its visually appealing images and ability to reach a massive amount of consumers, Pinterest is a marketing platform that all businesses must get involved in. Pinterest is successfully used as a platform to drive awareness, launch contests, and help get a brand recognized.

If you are considering launching a contest on Pinterest, then follow the steps below to ensure that your competition creates a real buzz.

1. Identify your primary goal.

What is your primary goal for running the contest on Pinterest? What would you like to achieve from the contest? Ensuring that you have clear objectives and a primary goal will give you a precise scale to measure the results of the contests against.

2. Determine the prize.

What is the Pinterest prize that your winner will receive? The prize needs to be exciting and enticing, so it drives the highest results. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of who your target audience is and then choose a relevant prize for the audience and the contest. Make sure that the prize you giveaway is consistent with your brand promise.

3. Develop the contest.

Now that you have confirmed your contest goals and decided on a prize, it is time to create the contest. You will need to determine how a person will gain entries into the competition and how you will track those entries. Some contest requires a person to follow the brand on Pinterest to get an entry or to submit a comment on images in a specific Pinterest board.

4. Promote the contest.

Now that you have developed your Pinterest competition it is time to launch it. You can promote the contest by sharing it on your blog, social media platforms, and to your email lists. You could also share your contest image with other networks, members of the media and online influencers to get them to spread the word about your contest.

5. Announce the winners and track the results.

Once the competition is over ensure that the winner is publicized. But that doesn’t mean your work is done. Creating a tracking mechanism that can track the results of the contests will be able to tell you if your contest goals were met. You can use this valuable information that you get from this tracking to make your next Pinterest contest even more successful than the last.

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