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North Korea is in the news almost all the time. More often for all the wrong reasons, from Nuclear weapons to military testing and provocation of the South, through to the desperately poor population and defecting citizens, it is by far one of the most intriguing and secretive places on the planet. So, here are 8 things to get your mind thinking about the North in a whole new light.

1. Christmas is not a thing!

Rather than celebrating the birth of Christ, with a tea, a stuffed turkey and a family gathering by a tree, North Korea has a better idea. Despite “Eternal President Kim Il-Sung having a Protestant minister father and being raised Presbyterian, on December 24th, his wife (Kin Jong-un’s grandmother) gets all the glory & celebration over Christ, even Santa for that matter.

2. Valentine’s Day…is also not a thing

Similar to Christmas, Valentine’s Day has been ‘repurposed to suit the needs of the Workers Party. The month of February in fact, is a celebration of sorts, in aid of the ‘Generals Birthday’. So rather than a candle lit dinner, roses, and some jewelry, the women of North Korea give ‘her true love’ a case made from nylon thread that celebrated the Workers’ Party. If that doesn’t scream love from the hilltops, we are not sure what does. Featuring the Party slogan or words “Workers’ Party” inscribed in a crimson thread, nothing is so romantic.

3. The world is as we say, there isn’t anything else

When it comes to the ‘news of the day’ in North Korea, there is nothing but ‘state-sponsored’ or ‘state censored’ news available to the population, all technology is ‘pre-tuned’ and outside signals are jammed – so the rhetoric from the ‘supreme’ leader, stays just that…Anything from an outside source, publication or news broadcasts is considered treason.

4.The media make it up as they go along

From stating that Kim Jong-Il was born on a sacred Mount Parktu, 9,004 feet above sea level, the highest place in the Koreas. While at his death all the blizzards ceased, the sky glowed a bright red and the ice on the country’s great lakes cracked, so loudly that there was a shudder felt around the world. In fact, he was born in Serbia and died of a heart attack – just like a regular person.

5. Kim Jong-il Suffered From Little Man’s Disease

Standing at only five feet two inches, North Korea’s Supreme Leader had a complex, which was somewhat exacerbated by the fact that most women in the country were taller than him, not to mention every leader from every other nation.

6. The Average Lifespan for Men and Women Is Horrifyingly Low.

With, women living to 66 and men the ripe old age of 61, it is on average 10 to 20 years shorter than that of most other nations. Of course, the Supreme leaders Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il went far beyond those numbers at 82 and 69, respectively. This can be largely put down the lack of public services, quality food and medical facilities available for people as they get into the later stages of their lives.

7. The military is the #1 priority of government spending

With over 30% of the total GDP of the country is spent on the military, it is clear to see where the priorities of the government are. Meanwhile, the US is spending approximately 3.7% on what is the largest most powerful military in the world. It is estimated that North Korea has over 5,000 pounds in biological and chemical weaponry and has in recent years developed nuclear capabilities and the inter-continental missiles to disperse them. Nukes before hot meals in other words.

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