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With the recent revival of many of the best-loved ‘comic book heroes’ into blockbuster movies or Netflix series, the characters have literally been transported from inside the bedrooms of the comic book nerds – you know who you are – and onto the sidewalks.

Through the street art, the interpretation of the much-loved characters is jumping off the sidewalk and being enjoyed by hundreds if not thousands of commuters daily.

Here are 8 of the best we have found to share with you to enjoy.

1. Superman


Found on the Superman Homepage, the man of steel here looks ready for action and as though he has literally burst through the manhole (again part of the art) and is about to shoot off into the atmosphere – a seriously cool piece.

2. Bumblebee

One of the transformers most loved heroes, this art form – with the help and more than likely sponsorship from Mountain Dew – is a great example of how 3D art can create a range of levels. With Bumblebee looking like he is coming out of a subway – again done by the artist – this is a beautiful example of the power of art. As you can see, the little lady on the side is scared to step onto the subway.  

3. Mario

If you are a child of the 90’s then this one will make you stand up and take notice. With the Nintendo controller and the original Mario in all its pixelated glory literally jump out of the sidewalk you will be playing the catchy soundtrack over and over in your head as you enjoy this stunning sidewalk art.

4. Spider-Man

A pure example of the creativity of street artists ability to be able to combine real life or reality and art. Through careful placement and wonderful talent, this artists is able to position himself in the picture, as if he was in trouble and needed rescuing from the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

5. Batman And Robin

Again, another seamless integration, where through the use of 3D, Batman and Robin are climbing to rescue the man on the ledge, while people below watch in awe. It’s not until your eye wanders up that you notice that it has been drawn to appear underneath the sidewalk and bursting through. The mind plays tricks on you time and time again. See more

6. Ryu (From Street Fighter)

Smashing through the sidewalk, again one of the 90’s cult classics Ryu has been cleverly depicted in this mural to look as though the sidewalk has no match for this Streetfighter as he punches through to take on evil one sidekick at a time.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Children’s favorites for decades both on the large and small screens, born in 1984, these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been sewer dwelling crime fighters for the best part of three decades. While in 90’s saw the franchise turn into one of the worlds most successful with action figures, comics, toys you name it, this mural really pays homage to their underground origins as they climb through the sidewalk to fight crime.

8. Pac-Man

The ultimate time waste of the 1980’s, Pac-Man was not the sharpest looking computer game ever, however it was the start of a massive something big. This Ghost Eating, ever chomping yellow ball provided hours of entertainment for most of your parents, if not you. Again through the use of 3d skill, this piece appears rather than most of the others to go down, appears to pop up and become a 3d maze that you could almost walk through.  

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