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With the ever-increasing presence of wireless technology in speakers, the days of stringing a home for sound, or installing a different stereo system in every room are fading away like the careers of dozens of 90s one-hit-wonders. These days, you can usually get by with one central music system (even if that happens to be your computer) and then beam the beats all around the house thanks to ever-improving mobile speakers. An additional benefit of mobile speakers is that you can take your music outside the house as well — either to the backyard or a backyard barbecue at a friend’s house.

Check out these five small speakers that deliver big enjoyment.

B&O Beoplay A9 Wireless Speaker (Black)

A seriously amazing speaker. This thing looks like it has just landed from out of space, but like all B&O products it is the highest performing speaker in the class – and most expensive. Built to be seen, heard and admired, this speaker boasts 480w of powerful sound, self-adapting technology depending on the room and space it is moved into and build in access to streaming services to make it an experience like no other.

Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV

Don’t be fooled by this little multifunctional player, this Bose system come from pedigree when it comes to wireless streaming. With more features than a Tesla Self Driving Car, this system is designed to impress with wireless streaming, AUX plugin, CD players as well as direct connection to third-party connections such as Sonos, Eco or Dot, this is the system that not only can play well with others but is amazing when left alone.

Sonos: Play 5

With a range of speakers, connectors, and multi-room systems, Sonos has roared onto the global streaming market in recent years. From the Play 1, 2, 5 and now playbar, the Sonos range offer power and sound as well as speakers that literally blend into the background like no other. With Line in & wifi connectivity, this system is designed to impress, while being heard and never seen.

Marley One Foundation Wireless Speakers

From the name that bought you some of the greatest reggae sounds of all time, you know this speaker is going to be ‘DEEP MON’. Unlike most of the other speaks on the list, this speaker system is not just designed to be heard, but seen! With the new One Foundation technology, allowing direct streaming rather than through an app, the system utilizes high-quality Danish speakers, has over 200w of power output and magnetic speaker grills to ensure you it makes a lasting impact.

Apple HomePod

Although we can hear the Android users groaning in the background, it must be admitted that when it comes to cutting-edge technology, there is little that Apple does that is not amazing. From the stickiness of their devices, iTunes, app store through to the innovations over the past 2 decades, Apple Home Pod is a really Cool addition to anyone – but especially the Apple Lovers – home.

With a spacial awareness that senses its location, AI assistant to help you with everyday tasks not to mention amazing sound, apple with their 45 million songs are all within a voice command and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the tunes. However, in true Apple style, they don’t play well with others so you will need to be part of the Apple Music Family – rather than Spotify or others – to get the true benefits of this intuitive system.

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