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Being the largest phone application base on the planet has its advantages, the Google PlayStore is the one stop shop for all things Android to make your phone run harder, faster, be cooler and far more time consuming all in one convenient location. So here are 6 of the must-have apps to get more productivity when it comes to your Android phone.

Calendar & Note Apps


Syncing with every calendar and most apps on your phone and Android devices, this impressive app is a great calendar with the ability to change views with a simple swipe. With aCalendar features being a 48 colors per calendar, duplicate events, full-screen widgets and a heap more, this is one app that can really change the way you work

2.Business Calendar Free

Considered by many as the best calendar app on the market and emulating the look and feel of the google calendar, this is a business calendar that integrates flawlessly with Gmail, accommodates as much as you can throw at it and has a range of features including smooth scroll, quick day overview and zoomable multi-day views to make your business day smoother in every way.


With easy access through multiple device synchronization, this innovative app allows the user to move from typing through to free-hand writing with ease. In addition to being able to add voice captions, photos, and videos, this tool can really drive your workflow in being more efficient.

4.Tasks Free

For the ap that best syncs with Google Tasks, this application successfully fills the gap between the calendar and tasks integration that Google currently has. Although not a massive suite of features, this application does what it needs to, and well.

5.Clocks around the World

With the increase in global e-commerce, the rise of ‘the gig economy’ more and more we are doing business from Start-ups to Multinational companies with businesses around the globe. This great app allows for a view with multiple clocks on the face, ensuring you don’t miss important timelines, conference calls or opportunities through time difference.

6.Timesheet – Time Tracker

Looking to get more time from your day? Are you a Freelancer or a small business owner, looking to ensure you track the time as it comes in? Then this is the app for you. Sometimes we think a task takes a certain amount of time, so we quote accordingly – but does it really? In order to get a full picture of the time, it takes to do everything – start and stop the clock as you go – the results will surprise you.

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