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Who doesn’t love traveling? While wandering around your all-time favorite countries and snapping beautiful scenery may not be an option, Tumblr’s travel blogs are only a few clicks away and can help the photo lovers amongst us get by while you’re saving your pennies for your next journey. Here are some of our top travels Tumblogs to keep your wanderlust at bay.

Original Photography Travel Tumblogs

1.Freddie J. Ardley Photography


In his early 20’s, photographer Freddie J. Ardley snaps photos and writes from his home base of London. Over the last three years, he has traveled to nearly 20 countries and explored and photographed some of the most spectacular scenes that will make you want to jump on the next flight to see the snaps in person. Experience his blog to get a closer look at this wonderous photography.

2.Backpacker Photography


A 22-year-old student from London, James is truly passionate about traveling and has visited over 50 countries across five continents as a backpacker. By traveling on the cheap, James has broadened his horizons and gained access to some of the most unique photographic experiences you’re likely to see. His focus is color, and you are sure to find his images inspiring and stunning.

3.Postcards from Marion & Ste


Originally from their homeland of Greece, Marion and Stergios are two travelers that reside in busy London and Brussels respectively. On Postcards from Marion & Ste they share their wonderous travel escapades throughout Europe and beyond including virtual postcards that jump out to the reader via their fun and exhilarating travel tales.

4.My Travel Times


“Traveling makes you a better person, or at least a more interesting one.”

For Patricia F. Almeida, photos are memories captured forever and when the time comes that you need some extra inspiration during a particularly difficult week, the photos are a brilliant reminder of better times and the new adventures yet to be experienced. Patricia is a well-traveled intrepid soul that has experienced a myriad of locations including London, Australia, Thailand, Canada, and throughout Asia.

5.Seattle’s Travels


Rather than documenting the windy city of Seattle, the name of the blog is, in fact, a name of a girl. 25-year-old Canadian-based Seattle loves traveling, often solo, and sharing her adventures and travel tips with others. Her photos are inspiring and the captions are humorous and fun to read. Check out her blog for more in-depth travel stories and advice of traveling around the globe.

6.Wanderlust Tour


Hanna is a business student who doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life yet and while she figures out the future she is traveling to Europe to experience the excitement of travel through the eyes of a young twenty-something traveler. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re cut out for the corporate life or you like the idea of traveling forever this could just be the Tumblog you’ve been searching for.



Tired of working for clients, the guys behind this Tumblog sought an alternative and the result was an international interview magazine called FvF that showcases people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes or natural work environment. The authentic photos will reveal to you interesting places through a fresh pair of eyes and transport you to worlds less traveled.

8.A Field Guide


Photographer Euphilena Jaime Goh travels through Japan, Europe and plenty of other exciting and diverse locations to showcase the inner essence of people, places and everything in between. Colorful, inspiring and truly visual, these photos are much more than snaps but an insight into the daily lives of people across the globe.

9.Backpacker’s Guide to Earth


Logan is obsessed with wanderlust, that inexplicable desire to travel the world and packing up his life from his home in Canada he sets off on a photographical journey across the world for three months. Suffering from depression and social anxiety doesn’t stop him from traveling and exploring and the result is beautiful landscape photos, personal insights and useful, practical travel guides.

10.Ito – Around Da World


For those of us that take the time, we’re able to experience life’s little moments. The feelings and experiences that make like that little bit sweeter and Alex’s blog is all about moments. A group of children playing ball outside a mosque, olive oil being poured over fresh bread with tomatoes, a lonely fishing boat lying on the shore…While the Tumblog has no captions or descriptions the storytelling is easy to dechiper as the pictures speak for themselves.

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